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Excellent Documentary on Why Thin People are Not Fat

Why Thin people are not Fat Haven't you heard of thousand studies and papers dissecting obesity and weight gain? But here is one that talks about why some people do not gain weight no matter how much they eat. Being an anmoly in a world of overweight people, it will be interesting to know what exactly helps them stay in shape while others around them struggle to put off . . .

Killer Fats!

killer trans fat The recent IPL finals saw a group of friends yelling their lungs out supporting their team and at the same time gorging on fried, oily and greasy junk food. But all that yelling and gorging on junk food could not save their team from losing! However these youngsters also lost something that day – a small percentage of their health.   How? . . .

Can you taste Fat ?

junk food Find yourself regularly drooling over junk food, yummy chicken, that heavenly Butter Chicken, Baingan Ka Bharta, Hyderabadi zaffrani Pulao, Chicken Tandoori, Pav Bhaji,….the list is quite endless and so is the drool factor! But as we all daydream about eating the above mentioned delicious dishes that make our palate go into overdrive, do we ever give a thought as to WHY? . . .


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