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Buy Health Insurance to Improve your Health

Recently, we came across news in an online Publication, Buy Health Insurance to improve your HealthRecently, we came across news in an online Publication, You need not shell out the big bucks to be pampered. Buy a health insurance and enjoy luxury treatment at a spa, join a gymnasium or a yoga centre and get the necessary incentives that suit your budget. Insurers, including ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co Ltd and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, are . . .

No more Boring gym routines, anymore!

tired at the gymHow would you feel, if you were given the choice between working out just one day in the gym as opposed to working out 7 consecutive days that too with the same result? Awe-struck, right? Jan Helgerud, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, is of the opinion that the intensive work out designed for Olympic level athletes can very . . .

Gymming? Protect those knees!

knee pain Want to lose weight, join the gym! Want to gain weight, join the gym! Want to build up those muscles, join the gym!Gymming these days has become synonymous with ‘Fitness’. With the gym having turned into a fitness haven! Wouldn’t you be shocked if you were told that gymming can cause damage?! Well, it can. Take the case of Prachi Gupta, . . .


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