Religare - Care vs. Max Bupa – Health Companion

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Recently many of our customers have requested for a detailed comparison between the two notch products available in the health industry. So here we have pendown a detailed product comparison between the most sold products Religare Health Insurance – Care and Max Bupa – Health Companion.

Before we dig into the comparison let me set down the parameters on which will compare:-

1)    Basic Eligibility

2)    Features

3)    Exclusions & waiting Period

4)    Value for money (Premium)

We shall be considering a customer who wants to buy a 10Lac cover (Individual Policy/ Age: 35yrs). Let us look at the below comparison:





Renewal Age

Lifelong renewal

Life Long Renewal

Pre Policy Medical Checkup

Upto 45yrs

Medical Is triggered as per the declaration and underwriters discretion.
Individual Policy - No medical Check-up till 39yrs. Floater Policy - No Medical Checkup till 44yrs

Family Definition

Self, Spouse, dependant Children & Dependant Parents

Self, Spouse, Dependant Children (Max 4 Children Allowed)

Family Discount

2 or 3 Members - 5% Discount
4 members & above - 10% Discount


Policy Tenure

1yr, 2yrs & 3yrs

1 & 2yrs

Tenure Discount

2yrs - 7.5% Discount
3yrs - 10% Discount

12.5% Discount



Insurance Company

Religare Health Insurance - Care

Max Bupa - Health Companion

Room Rent

Singe Private room

Covered upto SI

ICU Rent

Covered upto SI

Covered upto SI

Doctor's fees and  related charges, Other Medical Charges, Sub Limit on Treatments

Covered upto SI

Covered upto SI

Ambulance Charges

Rs. 2000 per claim

Upto Rs. 3,000 per hospitalization

Per Hospitalization

30 Days


Post Hospitalization

60 Days


Health check up

Annual Health Check-up regardless of claim history

Annual Health Check-up

Multiplier Benefits/ No Claim Bonus/ Cumulative Bonus/ No Claim Discount

Yes. 10% increase in Sum Insured incase of Claim Free Renewal. Max upto 50%

20% of Base Sum Insured Max upto 100%

Super No Claim Bonus

Additional Premium will be applicable
In case of claim free renewal then customer will get 50% bonus and Maximum upto 100%


Impact of claims

If Claimed 10% will be reduced from the Base SI
In Case of Super NCB then 50% will be reduced

No Impact

Organ Donor Expenses

Rs. 1Lac

Covered upto SI

Second opinion/E-opinion


Not Covered

Day Care Procedures

Covered. 170 Day Care Procedure

Covered upto SI. No Static List

Re-Instatement/ Recharge Benefit/ Re-fill/ Restore (Fresh Illness / Diseases)

Covered upto SI

Covered upto SI

Domiciliary Hospitalization

Upto 10% of SI

Covered upto SI

Daily Allowance/ Hospital Cash Allowance

Not Covered

Covered - Additional Premium
Rs. 2,000 per day. Max 30days/policy yr

OPD expenses

Not Covered

Covered - only for Vaccination or immunization - due to animal bite - Upto Rs.5,000

Ayush Treatment

Not Covered

Covered upto SI

Top-up & Deductible

Not Available

Deductible of Rs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10Lac



Insurance Company

Religare Health Insurance - Care

Max Bupa - Health Companion


20% per claim, where the age of the eldest member at entry is 61yrs or above.

No Co-payment

Waiting Period for Accident



Waiting Period - Specific Ailments

24Months Waiting Period


Cataract Limit

Covered upto SI

Covered upto SI

Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Diseases

48 months

36 months

Maternity, New Born Baby, Vaccination

Not Covered

Not Covered



Insurance Company

Religare Health Insurance - Care

Max Bupa - Health Companion


1. Family Discount

2. 150% Bonus - No Claim Bonus + Super No Claim bonus (on paying additional premium)

3. Health Check-up – Annually – Regardless of claim

4. Second Opinion Covered

5. Recharge Benefit covered upto 100% of Sum Insured

1. Room Rent, Doctors Expenses, Medical Bills, Pathology Reports, other medical expenses covered upto Sum Insured.
2. Organ Donor expenses covered upto Sum Insured
3. Day Care procedures covered upto Sum Insured.
4. Ayush Treatment covered upto Sum Insured
5. No Co-payment
6. No Claim Bonus - 20% of Base Sum Insured Max upto 100%

As you can see through the above comparison, every company has their own unique features. Whichever policy you may choose depends on an individuals need and situation.


In order to know which product will suit your requirements kindly drop an email to or call us on 9930220284 or visit our website

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